Licensing Requirements and Application Process

CDSS Licensing Process

  1. You will be required to review and understand the following documents in order to qualify for a Saskatchewan dental license.

II.  All applicants must read and sign the CDSS Good Character Standard in order to license in Saskatchewan. Please include the signed document when you submit your application.

III.  All applicants must submit a completed application form.

      - For general and specialist dentists:

        CDSS Application for Licensure

      - For students entering supervised summer practice after their 3rd academic year at the U of S College of Dentistry:
        Letter of Supervision (completed by supervising dentist(s) and included with student application)

        CDSPI insurance application for Summer Student Practitioner Program

      - For new students enrolling at the U of S College of Dentistry:

        Student CDSS Application for Registration (registration only - not licensure)


IV.  New Graduates WITH NDEB or RCDC/NDSE Certification

- Complete the CDSS Application for Licensure form and send it to us with the appropriate fee and supporting documents. Contact CDSPI for the required General and Professional Liability Insurance.                 

V.  New Graduates of Non-Accredited Schools or dentists previously licensed in other countries WITHOUT NDEB or RCDC/NSDE Certification

- Refer to the Association of Canadian Faculties of Dentistry (ACFD) website:

- Following certification by the NDEB or the RCDC, application is made as in IV. above (if newly graduated), or VI. below (if previously licensed).

VI.  Dentists WITH NDEB that have been or currently are licensed in another jurisdiction

- Complete the CDSS Application for Licensure.

- Complete the Consent to Release of Information form for all jurisdictions in which you have been (or currently are) registered and send it to each jurisdiction asking them to complete a CDSS Certificate of Standing which is to be sent directly from the regulatory authority to the CDSS.

VII.  Professional Liability Insurance

 - Proof of insurance is a requirement for licensure. Contact CDSPI to apply for your professional liablility insurance. CDSPI will notify the CDSS when they receive your application for insurance.

VIII.  All applicants must arrange an appointment to meet with the CDSS Executive Director in Saskatoon (once all documentation is received) in order to complete their application. If while awaiting licensure, the date on a license application and/or the issue date on a Certificate of Standing exceeds 3 months, the documents will be considered stale-dated and will need to be re-submitted. Please note, that a Saskatchewan license will not be issued if the applicant has any open professional conduct cases in other jurisdictions. 

IX.  License Fees

       $500 Registration (one time fee): Payable by cheque to the CDSS and included with application documents. 

       $25 Specialist Registration (one time fee - if applicable): Payable by cheque to the CDSS and included with application documents.

       $3500 Annual License Fee: Payable by cheque, Visa or Mastercard once application is approved. 

       $1000 Three Month Locum License Fee

 X.  Incorporation Information

In December 2001, the College’s Bylaw amendments respecting incorporation were approved. The Minister of Justice at that time designated dentistry as a profession under "The Professional Corporations Act".

In order to assist our members who wish to pursue the avenue of incorporation, we are providing the required forms which will need to be accurately completed and submitted to the College office. Applications must include copies of the Articles of Incorporation and Certificate of Incorporation, along with the required fees. 

Accordingly the following fees will be applicable with cheque payment payable to the CDSS:

  • Initial application fee for registration as a professional corporation - $500.00
  • Annual fee for professional corporation - $200.00
  • Penalty for non-payment of annual fees by a professional corporation - $200.00

Members should notify CDSPI to obtain malpractice insurance for their professional corporation. It is advised that you seek the assistance of your lawyer or accountant when completing the forms and establishing your corporation. Any name approval requests may be emailed to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

All members are advised to review the Bylaws which outline the legislation effecting dentists who wish to incorporate.

For more information on incorporation in Saskatchewan:

The Professional Corporations Act - Saskatchewan

Please click the link below to download the required form:

Incorporation Schedule II Application
(Acrobat Reader required)