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Kois Study Club of Saskatchewan Presents: Integrating  Periodontal Medicine to Minimize Systemic Health Risks

Cardiovascular Disease kills more people in this country than all cancers combined. Recent science suggests one of the main causes of heart attack and stroke, as well as premature aging and other diseases is systemic inflammation. Knowledge and understanding of the conditions and root causes of systemic inflammation and their cumulative inflammatory burden on our body is critical. Certain conditions within the oral cavity have a significant impact; periodontal disease leads that list. Dentistry is the ideal profession to identify and help manage many issues that contribute to inflammation and overall systemic health. Integration of dentistry with medicine is the way of the future.

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Dr. Doug Thomson


Dr. Natasha Iyer

About Dr. Doug Thomson


Dr. Thompson began his dental career at age eighteen, working as an in-house laboratory technician. Over the next ten years, he worked and studied full time and graduated from University of Michigan School of Dentistry in 1996. He then completed a one-year hospital-based V. A. Residency Program in General Dentistry. In 1997, Dr. Thompson bought an established private practice in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, and continues to practice there today under the practice name, Integrative Oral Medicine.

About Dr. Natasha Iyer

Dr. Natasha Iyer is the Medical Director of BETTER - A Centre for Complete Living. She’s spent the last 21 years working with and caring for her patients. Doctor Iyer has always had a keen interest in preventative medicine, antiaging medicine, hormonal health, holistic alternatives, stress management and medical aesthetics and appears often in the media speaking on these topics. She and her colleagues believe the most comprehensive health solutions utilize both the best holistic medical options and the best conventional medical options. She has her Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery, is board certified with a Fellowship in Functional and Regenerative Medicine, and completed post graduate training in Women’s Health, Obstetrics & Gynecology and Pediatrics.


Dental Assistant Cost $750.00
Non-Sk Dentist Cost $1,000.00
Dental Therapist Cost $750.00
Dental Hygienist Cost $750.00
Dentist Cost $1,000.00
  • Location Exter Room, Marquis Hall, University of Saskatchewan
  • Date 2019 June 07-09
  • Start time 7:30 am
  • End time 1:00 pm
  • Credit hours 20